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Gabberspider - Between Good & Evil
Gabberspider - Imperial Hardcore
Gabberspider - White Power
Gabberspider - Air Max
Gabberspider - Shot In The Dark
Gabberspider - In Love Again
Gabberspider - Wir Sind Das Volk
Gabberspider - I Believe I Spider
Gabberspider - Set U Free
Gabberspider - 3 Steps Ahead (Tribute)
Rob Gee - XTC U Got What I Need (Gabberspider RMX)

Gabberspider Appointment: Musik-Producer, Media-Designer (Web-Designer), Wing Chun Trainer

Software: Fruity Loops 20, Native Instruments, 5KRO, Gabbermaster

Hardware: Adam A5X, Focusrite 6i6, ATH-M50X, Rode NT1-A

Styles: Happy-Hardcore, Freestyle, Old-School (Early) Hardcore, Terror (Uptempo), Speedcore

Gabberparagons: Re-Style, Paul Elstak, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, Evil Activities,

Nitrogenetics, Tommyknocker, The Stunned Guys, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Neophyte,

Promo, Noize Suppressor, Partyraiser, MC Drokz, Waxweazle, 3 Steps Ahead, BSE DJ Team, Nordcore G.m.b.H.


Yeah you are allowed to laugh a little bit, but his first track “D.J. Happyhelper - When I Miss You” was created in 1994 via synthsizer, which was a gift by his father. But he took it away again because of all the noise he did with it. But he was 13 years old, so I think it's listenable. Experienced may even remember on "Cherrymoon Trax 1 - The House Of House"from "Bonzai Records". The similarity is pure coincidence, since Gabberspider did not know the track at this time. 1998 he created the next track “D.J. Happyhelper - Baby, I Love You”, with his Playstation. First love, that's it. But Happyhelper wasn't happy anymore, when "forver" was over then, and so he created the track “Gabberspider - Bass” with Fruity Loops 3.6 in 2000. At this point Gabberspider had a run. A short time he was a little more known with his track “Gabberspider - Dreams Don't Break Up My Heart (Old-School Edit)” & “Gabberspider - When” on Myspace, but after this he did a break and disappeared for a while...

Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo gave thanks with a reportthread for the Fan-Remix “Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Love Is In The Air (Gabberspider RMX)”. KISS YOUR FUCKIN’ EARS GOODBYE CHARLY & THEO. D.J. Mad Dog didin't like his remix “D.J. Mad Dog - Last Motherfucker (Gabberspider RMX)”, because he didn't hold the standards. *Fascinating* Quite good the young padawan was with his track “Neophyte, Tieum & Rob Gee - Coming At You Strong (Gabberspider RMX)”, so the well-known Mr. Neophyte spoke to Gabberspider. Unfortunately he didn't win the Remix-Contest. Roughsketch never ever said anything about the remix “RoughSketch Feat. Aikapin - Grimm (Gabberspider RMX)”, as if he never received it. And a winner also isn't known to us. For The BeatKrusher he also had to wait some time for a rating of his track "The BeatKrusher & MC Ruffian - Shut Up! (Gabberspider RMX)", but there was nothig to get. Yes for sure Gabberspider has gone sad, because he put all his heartblood into this tracks. But defeated he will never be. Now he creates his own style, because he never held on guidelines, and he always was different to the other people. Maybe someone will love his work in near future, because it will always be different, and for sure never political correct.

Thank you for your support Gabbers.
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